Welcome to my website. Sit back. Relax. Have a poem or two. And while you're here, take a look at some poems from my award-winning books Credo and Golden Fish / Dark Pond as well as from my first book, House of Mirrors.



Finalist in the Brick Road Poetry Press Contest 

"Steve McDonald’s Credo is an accomplished, thoughtful, and infinitely engaging book. . . . Each of the twelve sections of the book—the twelve ‘steps'—moves between the conviction that all life is transitory and the equally strong conviction that there is ‘immortality,' or as McDonald defines it, a 'once more, one more breath.'  Intelligent, honest, straight-forward, these poems are a joy to spend time with.  Each one reaffirms the faith that poetry matters.”                                                  --Gail Wronsky, Imperfect Pastorals

Some poems from Credo:


Central California Women’s Facility

Leaving the Parking Lot, I Pass a Homeless Man

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Winner of The Comstock Writers Group Chapbook Contest 2014

"Steve McDonald’s new collection, Golden Fish / Dark Pond, is a stunning and deeply moving sequence of meditations. Here is a poet who creates—even as he reflects upon—the metaphysics of passage that we each seek, perhaps most often while we move through despair toward some iridescence of faith."       --David St. John,  The Auroras

Some poems from Golden Fish / Dark Pond:

Step 1


Step 8


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              HOUSE OF MIRRORS


In this book the startling and raw turn into a state of grace. These are elegant poems – moving and redemptive.” –Judith Pacht, Summer Hunger  

Some poems from House of Mirrors:

Catch and Release

Family Photos

The Perfection of Webs

House of Mirrors

Where There Was No Pattern


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