Leaving the Parking Lot, I Pass a Homeless Man
                                                   only drowning men could see him
                                                                   Leonard Cohen

                                                  He waits in bee’s bliss and coyote mint.
                                                  Ankle-high shrubs crowd the center divide
                                                  where the road from the coffee shop slants
                                                  into a swell of traffic lights, a flood tide
                                                  of turn signals. His hair is dirty, off-white,
                                                  knotted at the back. His face sun-weathered.
                                                  It’s easy to miss him.  The way he waits
                                                  as if a shrub or small tree. His eyes feather
                                                  the passersby. Blue jeans ragged, a mess
                                                  of broken fingernails edging cardboard,
                                                  lifting it chest high. Its message: God bless.
                                                  Sometimes I look away, silent and hard.
                                                  Sometimes I nod, greet him, pass a bill.
                                                  Always I see him—as the drowning always will.

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