Welcome to my website. Sit back. Relax. Have a poem or two. And while you're here, take a look at some poems from my forthcoming award-winning chapbook, Golden Fish / Dark Pond as well as from my recent book, House of Mirrors.



Winner of The Comstock Writers Group Chapbook Contest 2014

"Steve McDonald’s new collection, Golden Fish / Dark Pond, is a stunning and deeply moving sequence of meditations. Here is a poet who creates—even as he reflects upon—the metaphysics of passage that we each seek, perhaps most often while we move through despair toward some iridescence of faith."       --David St. John,  The Auroras

Some poems from Golden Fish / Dark Pond:

Step 1


Step 8


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                HOUSE OF MIRRORS


"In this book the startling and raw turn into a state of grace. These are elegant poems – moving and redemptive.” –Judith Pacht, Summer Hunger  

Some poems from House of Mirrors:

Catch and Release

Family Photos

The Perfection of Webs

House of Mirrors

Where There Was No Pattern

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